Cassidy finding her way…

Recently, my daughter began struggling with making sense of death.  She was asking a lot of questions, which were troublingly difficult to answer.  She asked about what happened to her Papa and if he took an airplane up to heaven.  When we we both had sore throats she was perfectly happy to say we would both die and go to see Papa.  These ideas were disturbing to me, but I answered to them all and was present to discuss them.

Cassidy’s struggles also included some difficulty with transitions and some regression as we had another death in the family, my brother in law’s father.  I decided to include her preschool in working with Cassidy.  The school utilized books and other available topics to help Cassidy gain an understanding of this topic.  I also created a “Big Girl Sticker Chart” to inspire Cassidy to return to her regular routine.

The chart is a life saver and had more perks than I thought.  Cassidy is not only doing better, but amazing manners have surfaced as they have appeared on the chart.  Honestly a few times I thought I would faint! 🙂  I made it out of an old piece of cardboard, some paper and created the catagories on the computer.  Super simple!   We change things up and the chart starts on Tuesday as the rewards happen on Tuesday, one of my days off.   The rewards are simple and fun and I get the reward too as we spend the time together!

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