The Power of Our Thoughts

Our thoughts and views are very powerful forces in how we feel and how we interact with others.  Honestly, I feel it is the foundation to whether or not we are able to feel happy or sad, depressed or angry.  How we perceive things and what we make of them equals how we feel.  Our history creates the template for dealing with current situations.  In psychology we look at how our childhood, relationships and life experiences may be influencing the present and the cognitive distortions we experience as a result.  Don Miguel Ruiz, who wrote the four agreements talks about the agreements we carry from our childhoods as a book of law.  Thich Nhat Hanh discusses the idea of “habit energy” and the sources of our suffering.

I feel it is very important for us to become observers of our thoughts and views.  Often it is hard to do this.  I think the best way to become this observer is to try to quiet your mind and see what pops up.  Just observe/listen to the thoughts in your head, your inner chatter.   You can write it down or just observe it.  Is what you are giving time to for good.  Thich Nhat Hahn talks about a garden and what seeds we water.   Are the seeds we are watering growing positive thoughts and feelings or taking us in direction of obsessive thought, negativity and decreasing our self-esteem?

Perception= Deception  This concept is a huge one for me.  Often I am considering some situation or relationship with someone and I see it in a certain way.  I ruminate over it, feel sick to my stomach, maybe even lose sleep over this; only to find out that what I thought to be true was actually false.   I liken it to looking up at the clouds.  If many people look at a cloud they may have many different interpretations of what they see in that cloud, based on what is on their mind, their day, their favorite animals, etc…  Same for all the rest of the interpretations we make.

“We may praise, blame, condemn or complain depending on our perception, but our perceptions are made of our afflictions cravings, anger, ignorance, possible wrong views we hold and any prejudices we have,” (Thich Nhat Hanh).

Some questions to ask yourself to help with clear, healthy thinking…

“Are you sure? – Have you checked it out and are absolutely sure it is true, based on fact?  Or are you making assumptions? Reality checking.

“If you are not sure, is this a pattern of perception and thought that is habitual and unhealthy? – If so, don’t judge, just know it and try to release it.  It is often important for us to understand where our patterns come from so we can have compassion for ourselves and to allow for us to accurately see whether or not is healthy today.

“What are you doing right now?” – Bring yourself to present moment by paying attention to your current environment and what you doing.  Mindfulness.

“Is there anything I can do about this right now?” -If not write down or schedule a way to take care of the situation and then try the present moment idea.

You can transform your thoughts by replacing them with a more positive ones and by not developing unhealthy thoughts.   For example if we have an initial thought that someone does not like us or is mad at us.  If we have nothing to support that thought, and we are “not sure”, we have a choice to check it out with that person, or if we are not in good space we can “develop” that thought into a billion other thoughts such as- Why is this person mad at me?  Maybe I should have done “x” differently, or I don’t like that person either, etc…  We can even ruminate about our interpretations to the point we drive ourselves crazy.  At any time we can choose not to water the developing thought through reality checking, positive thoughts or distractions, including trying to be in the present moment and utilizing mindfulness exercises.  You can state to yourself that you are losing present moment by continuing to give your time to something you cannot do anything about.  Often that helps to spark you to try to focus on something different.  Honestly, we often spend too much time ruminating on something that we have no control over or cannot do anything about in our present moment.  Let it go!  Move out of fear based thinking into faith.   For more on faith or fear read…

I think it is important to observe ourselves and then water the seeds in our gardens that nurture and support us.  Before we can do that we have to know ourselves well- being present with all that is within us both good along with our old habits and ideas that no longer support or serve us.   When we become aware and take corrective actions we can create new pathways of thought that change how we perceive things and we can handle our thoughts in a more healthy way.

What the ?!*?!@! happened to my serenity

Sometimes or often, I find myself out of sorts. Searching perhaps for the bit of serenity I had yesterday that seemed to make all the sense in the world, at that time. However, at the moment I am scrappling with bills or some bit of news or something I said or did that I am not proud of and that serenity has disappeared without a trace. For me, the only way back is to come to a basic idea of being either in “faith” or “fear”.

This tiny little idea, not my own of course, but one I have borrowed from many sources, can make all the difference. If I am not feeling serene or at peace, chances are that I have picked up “fear” and have dropped the “faith” I have in the universe. Once I have clarified what I am in fear of, the work begins.

This may sound simplistic, but it works for me. I fear economic insecurity, losing those I love, losing my job, or my home. It is then that I can work on shifting my thinking and my energy to that of “faith”. Creating or manifesting what it is that I want, instead of what I do not want.

My psychology background and my dabblings with the laws of attraction tell me that what I focus on what will be what I create or manifest for myself. Being stuck in fear, all my thoughts are on what I don’t want and can create a situation that can look like evidence that my fears are valid. However, I know from experience that if I shift my “fears” into positive “faith-filled” thoughts or statements that doors open for opportunities and experiences that seem magical in nature.

I struggle with my thoughts. Thoughts connected to ego and material things that I believe define who I am. I lose sight of what is true and become connected to “who I am” in the sense of how others view and see me. My experiences become blurred by what others have to say about them and not the experience itself.

It is when I let go of all the fear, that faith and serenity reappear, instantaneously.